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Dean Sauls

Abstract Expressionism

Simple yet complex

I feel compelled to create works of art that embrace both the simple and the complex. I am inspired by everything from human nature and form, to modern culture, and breaking them down to minimalistic and reflective, to vibrant and illustrative.

Abstract art by Dean Sauls

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Abstract art by Dean Sauls
Automatic Abstract Expressionism


In this collection of paintings I use a technique called automatic drawing, or automatism. The creations start in my subconscious and are transferred to the canvas or media. They help me to “Reset” from daily life, and hope they do the same for you.

Colorful abstract art by Dean Sauls
Abstract Urban Art


A series of abstract paintings created as a means to absorb the complexities of domestic and urban life, pitting elements of comfort against contrasts of hard lines an abstract surrealism.

Abstract minimal SHAPES

Elated in Scenery 

These paintings portray organic shapes, and encompass the contrast of dark and light. The elusive nature we bestow upon ourselves to either pursue imagery clearly visible ahead or to steer the course of our lives in another direction.

My Works

Because the world presents us with chaos, I offer my art as an opportunity to reset. While growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, I have watched as my surroundings have evolved into a cultural melting pot, a place where technology is in juxtaposition with the small-town charm that lingers. My work incorporates broad obscure brush strokes and conflicting areas of vivid colors to create a 21st century portrayal of abstract expressionism, automatism or automatic drawing.

Abstract Art

Looking for a new piece of art for your home or office decor. I do several commission art works a year, and appreciate any chance to collaborate. Please get in touch about your project for booking and cost.

black and white abstract on wall in living room