April through September of 2020, I had the privilege to showcase my art works from my Reset, Polychromatic and Outside In art series at Margaux’s Restaurant in North Raleigh. This restaurant has become a well-known hub for artists since they opened in 1992 due to its amazing food, and atmosphere. Let me tell you about my experience showcasing my artwork at Margaux’s.

The Setup Process

One of the most important steps when exhibiting artwork is setting it up correctly. For me, this includes taking into consideration the layout of the space, making sure all pieces are in order and properly displayed, as well as providing information on each piece. I felt that having a good setup was very important because guests need to be able to take in the entire collection with ease. Fortunately, I was able to work with one of their managers who assisted me with getting everything organized before the show began.

The Show Itself

The show itself was amazing! From day one we had visitors come by and admire the artwork on display. People were very receptive and curious about my artworks which was really encouraging! They asked questions about each piece and wanted to hear more about what inspired them—it made me so happy seeing others interested in something that I have created. Although some artists stress over exhibiting their work publicly, I have found that being open and engaged with viewers makes it an even more enjoyable experience for both myself and those visiting the exhibition.

Networking Opportunities

Being part of this show gave me a unique opportunity to network with other local artists as well as people from around the area who shared similar interests. A few people even asked if they could purchase some of my pieces which was an unexpected surprise! All in all, exhibiting at Margaux’s allowed me to connect with a larger audience than if I were doing it elsewhere, which I am truly grateful for!

I am so thankful for being given the opportunity to exhibit my artwork at Margaux’s Restaurant during April through September 2020! Not only did it give me exposure but also provided networking opportunities that will help further my career as an artist. Being able to share your passion with like-minded individuals is such a rewarding feeling especially when they find joy in your creations too! If you ever get a chance to showcase your artworks publicly, do not hesitate—it will be worth it!