Are you an artist looking to put together an art show but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, because I’m here to help! Whether you want to hold your show in a physical gallery or on a virtual platform, there are steps you can take to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Let’s get started!

Choose a venue

When selecting the right venue for your art exhibition, it really comes down to two options: a physical gallery space or a virtual platform. You may have found the perfect physical location for your show, but if current pandemic restrictions are preventing that from happening, then the virtual option is always available.

Determine a theme

Choosing the right theme is essential when putting together an art exhibition. Consider what message or emotion you want to convey through your work and use that as inspiration for the theme of your show. This will allow visitors to understand what they’re seeing and why it matters.

Select your art

Now comes the fun part – selecting which pieces of artwork will be featured in your exhibition! Make sure you choose pieces that fit with the theme of your show and that offer up the best representation of yourself as an artist.

Promote your exhibition

Once you’ve chosen a venue and selected all of the artwork for your show, it’s time to get people interested in attending! Promote your event on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, create email newsletters about it, and reach out to other marketing channels like local newspapers or radio stations. It’s important that people know about this event so they can attend (and hopefully purchase some of your artwork!).

Install Your Art

Once all of the elements have been finalized, now comes installation time. Arrange each piece in such a way that makes sense and enhances their impact while also guiding visitors around the space/platform (if applicable). This will make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience at your exhibition.

Host The Exhibition

On opening night, be sure to greet visitors as they come in, answer their questions about particular pieces if needed, and generally make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the evening. Having someone onsite ensures everything runs according to plan and adds an extra layer of professionalism to proceedings – so don’t forget this step!

Follow Up

After hosting your art exhibition, follow up with visitors who attended by sending them thank-you cards or emails thanking them for coming out. This serves as another way for people to remember who you are as an artist and may even lead them back into purchasing more from you in future!

In conclusion a successful art exhibition requires careful planning and attention-to-detail if it is going to go off without any issues – but don’t let that scare you away from taking on this kind of endeavor! By following these steps outlined above, self-curating an art show can be quite manageable as long as you stay organized throughout every step along the way. Good luck curating!