2023 Financial

Did you know that the CA experience might be more in reach than you think?

Our financial aid program provides $2.6 Million in assistance, including need-based financial aid grants and additional support for non-tuition expenses that never—did we mention never?—have to be repaid.

All of our financial aid grants are need-based; they are not based on merit or athletic prowess.

That means, if accepted, we’re going to work with your family to figure out how we can support you–just for being you—and your family, based on your family’s financial need. Consider it the start of a long and beautiful partnership.

We know every family is different, with wide-ranging demands on their budgets and special circumstances that influence spending decisions.

That’s why we’ve developed a personalized financial aid process. It is more than just an application; it also includes one-on-one conversations so we can understand your family’s full financial profile, including complexities and budget stressors that might not be captured by a traditional application.

That’s why we’ve developed a personalized financial aid process.

We meet 100% of your family’s demonstrated financial need, as determined by FACTS Management, our third-party servicer. Our application considers multiple factors to holistically understand your family’s financial profile, including income, debt, assets, and expenses. We consider your household size and the number of students in tuition-based schools. You’ll have ample opportunities to provide additional important narrative context to your financial profile so we can fully understand the unique circumstances of your family’s budget.

Our need-based grants range from $1,000 to the total cost of tuition and fees.

Our average need-based grant? $21,000/year (that’s XX% of the total tuition and fees cost).

And, while families do have to apply annually, assuming your family’s financial situation doesn’t change dramatically, you can rest easy knowing you will likely be covered for the duration of your CA career, whether you are joining us as a sixth grader, or tenth.

Think you won’t qualify? Consider:

38% of our aid recipients come from households with combined incomes of over $150k, with awards ranging from $10,800 to $16,400.

And support doesn’t stop with your grant.

Families who receive aid have access to additional financial support to help out with non-tuition expenses. Transportation fees and Middle School extended care costs? We can help. Funds for athletic gear or experiential learning opportunities? It’s all a possibility. We want you to be able to take full advantage of the CA experience.

We encourage any family who feels that Cary Academy may be a financial stretch to apply for financial aid. Our financial aid application deadlines are posted on our website. For more information, visit our Affordability and Flexibility webpage at .Affordability and Flexibility – Cary Academy

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See below for FA quick facts requested for the infographic.

  • Total aid budget: $2.6M
  • Aid is in the form of grants, not required to be repaid.
  • All aid is need based. No merit or athletic scholarships available.
  • Average Award: $21,000
  • % of students receiving tuition assistance by income:
    • < $75k = 28/111 = 25%
    • $75k – $150k = 41/111 = 37%
    • $150k – $225k = 19/111 = 17%
    • > $225k = 23/111 = 21%
  • Average award by income level:
    • < $75k = $26,200
    • $75k – $150k = $23,100
    • $150k – $225k = $16,400
    • > $225k = $10,800
  • Grants range from: $1k to the full cost of tuition and fees.
  • Families who receive aid also have access to additional financial support to assist with non-tuition expenses such as lunch, transportation, and middle school extended day care.